green story

Our paper:

MDC Designs has been using eco-friendly products right from the beginning. Many of the most beautiful papers in the world are environmentally friendly. Papers such as mulberry(kozo), nepal, hemp and cotton are made from sustainable plants and in the case of cotton, are often made with the recycled waste from another industry.

We're happy that many paper manufacturers have started to produce some great recycled papers. They now come in an array of colours, including a few metallics. We also buy from mills who have switched to alternative energy sources such as wind and water turbines.

Our methods:

We use all non-toxic glues and recycle everything possible. We try to use all our material, giving paper samples from pieces that are too small to use in invitations. We also reuse any useable packing material sent to us by our suppliers, including the boxes. These policies are not only environmentally sound, but economical too, allowing us to keep our prices lower.

Eco-friendly invitation choices:

Our goal is to give our clients beautiful invitations with eco-friendly options. Here are some great choices.

Eco Collection: Recycled & tree-free papers only.

Plantable Invitations: Recycled biodegradeable paper made in a solar powered facility.

DIY: Tree-free mulberry pocketfolders and petal folders with recycled paper.

Signature Collection: Most of the designs in this line contain recycled and tree-free papers, but not exclusively. If you love a design, please keep in mind that we would be happy to change any papers to make it more eco-friendly for you. Please contact us for more information.